Strategic Enrollment Thinker: Do You Need One Now!?

The Role of the Strategic Enrollment Thinker The strategic enrollment thinker is often not seen as an essential part of an educational team, but the person is crucial to the school community.  Currently, schools substitute this position with faculty and young professionals who are not capable of providing the essential direction and leadership to ensure […]

EHarmony for Admission?

Ray Diffley Director of Admission Choate Rosemary Hall, CT Member of AISAP Board of Directors   At the AISAP Institute I piloted an assessment tool to better define qualities and characteristics and assess for them in admission officers. The goal is to use this tool to better match applicants for admission jobs and perhaps, the […]

Seven Reasons to Use Corporate Marketing Strategies

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In 1997, as a relatively new director, I thought that I needed a marketing plan.  I contacted veteran directors and only one had a plan and he was unable to share it.  I realized that I was on my own.  As a result, I put forth great effort into finding the information that I needed.  […]

The Journey from Headship to Admission Director


About John Barrengos John Barrengos is the Director of Admission at The Putney School, and the Chair of the AISAP Finance Committee.   Really smart folks asked me lots of good questions when… when I interviewed to become the admission director at The Putney School. “So, you’re a Head of School right now…” “Yes.” “And, […]

Quick.Talks: Seven Measurements to determine if the Head Supports Full-Pay Family Recruitment

Quick.Talks are presentations focused around 1 small topic that can have a big impact on the way you think about or perform your work towards increasing your full-pay family numbers.   The topics will cover interesting ideas, tactics and thinking to improve your work. Quick.Talks are 30 minutes in length, including a brief question and answer […]