Are Selling Strategies Only for the For-profit Industries?

We are missing out when we don’t try to do strategic approaches to marketing, communications and sells.  It isn’t just something they do in a for profit businesses.  Selling has its own strategies and tactics and most admission professionals can learn and benefit from the science of selling.  In talking to the consultant, I realized […]

It’s all about the experience.


by: Chuck English, English Marketing Works   When parents register their children at your school, what are they buying? Your answer might be a great education or perhaps a great future. I say it’s the experience of getting that great education and not just for the student but for the parent as well. Let’s explore […]

How to Frustrate the Admission Director or Not

Claude Anderson (@fullpayfamilies) Dean of Enrollment Northfield Mount Hermon   The admission director is too often asked to speak with a division head or a dean regarding improvements due to complaints from parents. The head of school takes a position that since the admission director received the information, he/she should be responsible for following […]

Will Your $100,000 Branding Campaign Deliver Full-Pay Families?

During one of my Five Pillars workshops, I had in attendance a director of admission who had just finished a branding campaign at her school.  What would make her come to my marketing workshop on enrolling full-pay families?  Didn’t she gain the marketing and communication strategies she needed to advance her full-pay application numbers? After […]

Are You Ready for a Whole New Generation?


by: Chuck English, English Marketing Works There’s something going on with your prospective parents and some of your newer parents. You may not know exactly what it is by I bet you recognize some of the symptoms. The diagnosis is that we’re on the cusp of a generational shift. Here’s just a bit of background. […]