9 Tips to Gain Your Head of School’s Confidence

It often takes a few years to demonstrate to your Head that you are capable of achieving your school’s enrollment objectives. Even after your Head is confident in your abilities, you need to let him/her know that you are still on top of matters.  To give the Head’s confidence, you first need to demonstrate to […]

9 Questions about Sage Hill School You Were Too Embarassed to Ask


Torrey Olins Director of Communications and Marketing Sage Hill School (Newport Coast, CA) Sage Hill School’s Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Elaine Mijalis-Kahn, is always on a quest to make our School’s admission materials more impactful, more colorful and more fun. [One example is the infographic that Sage Hill School was one of the first […]

Are These 11 Conditions Affecting Your Full-pay Enrollment?

Understanding what schools are up against and having more people on the same page is an important part of schools sustaining themselves in the current environmental conditions.  I have collected a group of 11 areas that I feel will affect the livelihood of private schools as we move forward.  These are ideas to use in […]

The Value of an “Interview Today, Start Tomorrow” Admissions Policy

George Higgins, The Beekman School (3)

  George Higgins Headmaster The Beekman School One topic that often comes up during interviews with prospective new students at The Beekman School is the speed of our admissions process. In many cases, a student who interviews today can start tomorrow. Prospective parents and students come in expecting the typical lengthy application process, during which […]

What’s the Value of the Admissions Office in Matriculating More Full-pay Families?

Debating the value of an admissions office in matriculating more full-pay families may seem pointless. However, there are some schools that don’t have admissions offices and others that don’t use their admissions offices to their greatest potential. Many admissions offices originated due to problems with enrollment – maybe too many to handle or too few […]