JUST IN: The Latest Stats on Responsive Web Design

Peter Baron Senior Product Marketing Manager Whipplehill   (This post originally ran on Inside WhippleHill)   The evidence is building and it’s becoming harder to ignore — an ever increasing number of people are using phones & tablets to tackle all manner of tasks on the web. From booking a ride on Uber to scanning […]

Will kids ever work a day in their lives, before they work the rest of their lives?

Ray Diffley Director of Admission Choate Rosemary Hall, CT Member of AISAP Board of Directors   This summer when good friends joined up for some R&R we got to talking about kids, life & school. One of our friends (spouse of an Admission Director) said something that perhaps we all think about but I’m not […]

Who Is the Chief Revenue Officer and Why?

There are discussions about who is the chief revenue officer in a school.   Take a look at the five possibilities and my conclusion below, and then draw your own. Director of Admission or Dean of Enrollment – This one is an obvious consideration among the five choices.  This position has the responsibility of enrolling new […]

How Many Full-pay Families Slipped By Your Radar?

Let’s say your receive 500 inquiries per year.  You have an office of 1 1/2 people.  You work hard to get every full-pay family.  You chase every inquiry or, if you had time, you would.  I am going to guess that when you discover a full-pay family in your pool, you work aggressively to move […]

Strategic Enrollment Thinker: Do You Need One Now!?

The Role of the Strategic Enrollment Thinker The strategic enrollment thinker is often not seen as an essential part of an educational team, but the person is crucial to the school community.  Currently, schools substitute this position with faculty and young professionals who are not capable of providing the essential direction and leadership to ensure […]