Will Your $100,000 Branding Campaign Deliver Full-Pay Families?

During one of my Five Pillars workshops, I had in attendance a director of admission who had just finished a branding campaign at her school.  What would make her come to my marketing workshop on enrolling full-pay families?  Didn’t she gain the marketing and communication strategies she needed to advance her full-pay application numbers? After […]

Are You Ready for a Whole New Generation?


by: Chuck English, English Marketing Works There’s something going on with your prospective parents and some of your newer parents. You may not know exactly what it is by I bet you recognize some of the symptoms. The diagnosis is that we’re on the cusp of a generational shift. Here’s just a bit of background. […]

5 Tips on Helping Faculty to Best Support Your Marketing Efforts

Helping your faculty to understand what they need to do in the recruitment process is an obvious winner for matriculating full-pay families. You may find yourself spending varying levels of time bringing the faculty along. In this article, I offer ideas to help you with building faculty support to assist you in your marketing efforts. […]

How Are You Unboxing Your School?


Chuck English President and Founder English Marketing Works Author of Marketing that Works blog     You may never have heard of it, but “unboxing” is not only all over YouTube, it may be a great way of achieving marketing success at your independent school. There’s a video on YouTube that shows a pair of […]

Are Rose-Colored Glasses Hurting Your Enrollment?

“Oxford was a sort of Utopia to the Captain . . . He continued to behold towers, and quadrangles, and chapels, through rose-colored spectacles,” wrote the English Novelist Thomas Hugh in his book titled – Tom Brown in Oxford. This writing in 1861 was one of the first known uses of this word in print […]