Andy Noel Award

To highlight a core value of the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals school professionals are encouraged to nominate a colleague who continues to lead other Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals in developing and sharing best practices in the profession. A professional who consistently promotes collaboration and resource building through the many networks and support for Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals and seeks to strengthen their work in the profession through professional development opportunities and education available to them through the variety of offerings made possible by AISAP and all of our peer associations.


Andy Noel valued education, he loved school, and he particularly loved his work at schools. Andy consistently maintained high standards while sharing his deep humanity with everyone he encountered. Good judgment, tenacity, and kindness were paramount in his work. He shepherded and encouraged hundreds of students and parents through the details of admission and financial aid, making a complicated process feel a little easier and a lot more human. He was a mentor, inspiration, and sounding board to colleagues in and out of the Admission Office, setting an example of character, hard work, and service to others that all of us would do well to emulate.
Many schools were lucky to employ such a dedicated and accomplished faculty member (Cardigan Mountain, Lake Forest Academy, and Salisbury School) and at the time of his passing Andy was Director of Financial Aid and Associate Director of Admission at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, CT,
At the core of AISAP’s mission and vision is the importance of advancing the Admission and Enrollment Management Profession. We see that honoring Andy and his selfless nature towards others, as a way to honor the man, and as well, to embody the mission and vision of the work we seek to impart upon those who choose this profession. AISAP is accepting nominations through June 1, 2017, for the 2017 Andy Noel Award for Excellence in Advancing the Admission and Enrollment Management Profession. The winner of the award will be announced at the 2017 AISAP Annual Institute, July 9 - 12 in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Please note: Nominees are not required to attend the institute to be eligible for the award. We seek to have the recipient in attendance and accommodations for this will be handled once the recipient is determined. Staff, board members, school leaders, at an AISAP Member Eligible School or peer association leadership, may submit nominations. Please share the remarkable stories and excellence displayed by Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals with a nomination.


The Andy Noel Award for Excellence in the Advancement of others in the Profession recognizes an AISAP member who has made a notable difference in the lives of colleagues in the Admission and Enrollment Management Profession.
Nominated individuals must, through their intentions and actions:

  1. have consistently abided by AISAP’s Ethical Behavior and Best Practices in Admission and Enrollment Management;
  2. have demonstrated contributions to advancing those in the profession through the participation as well as mentoring, teaching, and or supporting their colleagues in the betterment of themselves in the profession;
  3. have utilized effective practices in advancing the work of admission and enrollment management efforts at their affiliated institutions and associations;
  4. have supported their colleague's personal growth and success in the profession by not just their actions as ethical and best practice leaders, but as well as supportive community members, inspiring all to stretch, grow, and develop as leaders.


Andy Noel Award Recipients

2017 - Lawrence Jensen, Director of Admissions, Saint Stephen's Episcopal School, Florida

Andy Noel Award Recipient, Larry Jensen

2016 - Lisa Lau Aquino '81, Director of Admission, The Hamlin School, CA

From left to right: Janice Crampton, Executive Director;
Andy Noel Recipient - Lisa Lua Aquino; Ray Diffley, Director
of AISAP's Center for Admission and Enrollment
Management Leadership