What is the value of the Annual Institute?

In 2013, we asked Annual Institute attendees to tell us how many new enrollments they felt could be attributed to ideas learned at the 2013 AISAP Annual Institute. Their answers were plugged into their average tuition and their average new students’ tenure. The results are in. On average the schools could anticipate the following increase in long term net income:


Type of School Income from Additional New Matriculates
Secondary Schools: $268,074 U.S.
K-8 Schools: $518,325 U.S.
K-12 Schools: $666,158 U.S.


•You would like your enrollment to rise.

•You need an ironclad rationale for attending the AISAP Annual Institute to help you do that.

•What if the 2013 graduating class could share with you the financial value of their trip, the Return on Investment?

•What if, on your behalf, the 2013 Summer Institute attendees could say to your Head and to your Board of Trustees, “We went to the AISAP Summer Institute and the entire cost (Institute Registration ($1500); Hotel ($800); Flight & Transportation ($500); Miscellaneous ($200) -- Everything), on average, across every member surveyed, had a return, an ROI, in additional tuition revenue of, say, 8936%.

•That would mean that if the Institute cost $3000, it would need to deliver tuition revenue of $268,074.

•That would be impressive. •Ironically, that stat wouldn’t be true for most schools because it would undervalue the Institute’s worth to all the schools that offer more than four grades.

•What about schools that offer more grades?

•For schools that have 9 grade levels (K – 8 for example), continuing to adjust for conservative (high) attrition of 9%, for above average inflation (2%), and with a conservative estimate of average tuition, the ROI of the AISAP Annual Institute is not $268,000. It is $518,325.

•Put differently, a little north of a half a million dollars. A Return on Investment of 17,277%.

•Trustees and Heads like increasing their financial picture by half a million dollars. It makes them happy normally. However, for some schools, that statistic would be wrong.

•For schools that have 13 grade levels (K-12), with the same conservative assumptions, the AISAP Summer Institute would deliver a Net Present Value of $666,158… A Return on Investment of 22,205%.

•If that is complicated for your Head, your Business Office, or for members of your Board, try this format: The Cost- if you were to assume registration fee, hotel, airfare, Monday evening dinner expense, cab to and from the airport~ $3000 The Value $268,000 or $518,325 or $666,158

Your choice.