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Corporate Partnership with AISAP is Unique and Rewarding

If your company or organization is committed to advancing the admission and enrollment management work of independent schools, corporate partnership is for you!

It's a win - win! Corporate partnership program is cost effective and has high impact. The program assists in establishing your brand, identifying your as experts in your field, building upon your present base, and expanding it to the thousands of independent schools around the country.

AISAP’s Corporate Partners are for-profit or not-for-profit businesses, companies, vendors or organizations with programs, products or services related to the work of member institutions. Our corporate partners are actively engaged in supporting the work of the Association.

All of our corporate partners have been recommended by one or more AISAP members and each partner offers services referenced at one of our events or webinars. The value of these kind of first-hand recommendations is that they have been tested and noted by our members in real life situations.

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 to find out more about our membership options.

We thank the Corporate Partners that support AISAP throughout the year. We also thank our members and participants for suggesting these services.

Corporate Partner Benefits

  • Visibility to over 6,000 Independent School Professionals.
  • Assistance with the development and expansion of AISAP's business supplier programs, utilizing AISAP's Ethical Behavior and Best Practices as well as Standands & Competencies in Admission & Enrollment Management and other research.
  • Listing as a “Corporate Partner” in AISAP's marketing materials, website, brochures and press release.
  • Use of the AISAP logo on your supplier diversity marketing materials.
  • National recognition as a supporter of the Admission Profession and the work of Independent Schools in advancing, supporting and growing schools.
  • Networking & access to AISAP members and non members when you attend and AISAP event.
  • Access to peers and industry colleagues allowing for the sharing of best practices with admission professionals.
  • Opportunity to participate in AISAP global events that recognize and celebrate excellence in the development of the admission profession.
  • First invitation to AISAP'S Annual Admission Institute. This event is the largest of its kind, reaches over 6000 schools, and draws participants from around the world. During the event, corporate partners generate business opportunities by participating in and are included in networking activities, workshops, and a two-day long Institute.


AISAP's Annual Admission Institute Audience

Traditionally between 300 and 400 participants, faculty, speakers and leaders from national and international schools attend our Annual Admission Institute each year. Many schools send more than one staff member and many more return to the Annual Admission Institute year after year. In addition our faculty, keynote speakers and cohort leaders are from the educational industry as well as presently are employed at schools. So, your audience is expanded to reach even more by being among many of the independent school industry leaders and voices.

Former Institute School Participants

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If you have any questions about becoming a Corporate Partner, we invite you to contact us.