Janie McIlvaine

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Baltimore, Janie's move to Tampa was her ninth move as a corporate wife. She graduated from James Madison University with a BS in Education, and after attending Johns Hopkins University and the University of Georgia, completed her MA in Education from Northern Kentucky University. Janie taught first through sixth grade in several different states and enjoyed a brief stint in radio while living in Atlanta. The mother of three grown children, she learned a bit about he admissions process from a parent's perspective, as she was frequently in search of schools for her children. Janie joined Berkeley's admissions office 17 years ago and has been the Director of Admissions for 10 years. She oversees all aspects of lower, middle and upper division admissions. Her additional responsibilities include working with the scholarship and financial aid program, as well as implementing marketing initiatives, which she does in collaboration with Berkeley's Director of Communication.