Why Neighbors Are the Best Advertisement

By AISAP Admin posted 04-18-2017 14:57


Students spend much of their time within your school community. Who better to share your strengths than those who are already actively involved on our campus?

A neighbor remarks at a cookout, “My daughter is so enjoying participating in her school’s orchestra.” This one comment leads to a conversation about the school’s Fine Arts department which leads to a discussion about class size.

In the matter of minutes your school has been promoted, profiled, and praised!

Word of mouth is the best advertisement! Family, friends, and neighbors are engaged, energized, and eager to share their experiences.

School communities who encourage involvement are able to easily extend their reach simply by neighbors sharing with neighbors. “Join us for our spring drama, we are hosting a basketball tournament this weekend, or you should plan on attending a drop-in Open House” all are ways that bring prospective families to your campus.

It is important that we never under estimate the power of a neighborly conversation.

Page Brown Abernethy

Director of Admissions
SouthLake Christian Academy
Huntersville, NC