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CSIET and AISAP: Model Standards for International Student Recruitment

  • 1.  CSIET and AISAP: Model Standards for International Student Recruitment

    Posted 04-25-2019 15:14

    Dear Colleagues,

    The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) has embarked on a new secondary school initiative, one that establishes Model Standards and better align expectations among potential international secondary education students, their parents, and the agencies that recruit these students.

    The lack of regulation and consistency around the recruitment and enrollment of F-1 international students at U.S. secondary schools raises ethical concerns and opens the door for misaligned expectations among the various parties involved in the administration of the enrollment process.

    As hosts of international students, US secondary schools may partner with agencies both within the United States and abroad to recruit and enroll new international students. However, without guidance on best practice for collaborating with third-party recruitment agencies, expectations around this complex process, particularly from a student perspective, can be unclear; risk can be high. At the higher education level, colleges and universities are expected to act with transparency, integrity, and accountability; secondary-level practices should align with these standards.

    In response to these issues, the CSIET Advisory Board on International Student Recruitment has developed comprehensive Model Standards for International Student Recruitment at the secondary level (please click the previous link to view a *.PDF version of the Model Standards). To be clear, what follows are not regulations, but rather, a set of agreed-upon principles that all stakeholders can use to help balance expectations and ensure the integrity of the recruiting process, all the way from the natural parent, through the recruiting continuum, to the American school/host family.

    In this survey, CSIET is soliciting your review and comment on these new Model Standards. The standards are organized into the following categories: stewardship, transparency, engagement, and partnership. Please respond to this survey by May 15, 2019.  Your attention to these Model Standards is extremely important to the work of CSIET's Advisory Board and to stakeholders throughout the enrollment process.  Once we have collected and reviewed your comments, the Advisory Board will make changes as necessary.


    Janice Crampton
    Executive Director | CEO, AISAP
    Madison CT
    (203) 421-7051

    CSIET Advisory Board on International Student Recruitment:

    AIRC: American International Recruitment Council; AISAP: Association of Independent School Admission Professionals; CSIET: Council on Standards for International Educational Travel; EMA: Enrollment Management Association; GEBG: Global Education Benchmark Group; NACAC: National Association for College Admission Counseling; NAIS: National Association of Independent Schools (Ex-Officio); NAFSA: Association of International Educators; TABS: The Association of Boarding Schools