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Bring Your Own Device

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    Posted 06-24-2019 11:37
    Hello All:

    Our school is finally considering a move to a bring your own device policy. I am wondering how other schools handle a Bring Your Own Device with regards to financial aid. Do you include it as part of aid? Who owns the laptops, the school or the student? Is this the responsibility of the FA budget or the tech budget?

    Thanks for any insight!

    Alexandra Halladay
    Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
    Greenhills School |Ann Arbor, MI

  • 2.  RE: Bring Your Own Device

    Posted 06-24-2019 12:32
    We have a BYOD program in our high school. Here's what is written in our Student Handbook:

    Computer Usage

    The Upper School is a one-to-one computer campus, and each student is required to provide his/her own computer to use in class and for completing school work. All student computers must be registered with the office of the School's Director of Technology. Students are subject to the School's Responsible Use Policy and Expectations of Students Using Technology in the Classroom. Both documents appear at the end of this Handbook.

    We also have students and parents sign the following each year as part of the enrollment/re-enrollment process:

    In grades 9-12, we require students to bring their own laptop device (BYOD) to school each day, a model in which students and their families can choose a computing device that best fits their needs and meets the school's specifications. In this way, students will be able to harness all of the benefits of accessing their personal devices inside and outside of the classroom, while teachers will be able to expand the number and types of learning activities that utilize technology.

    Please click here to review the school's BYOD Hardware Requirements for devices brought to school by students. This is especially important if you are planning to buy a new device soon.

    We do not provide any financial assistance to purchase these machines.

    Orna Siegel
    Director of Enrollment and Tuition Assistance
    Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
    Rockville MD

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    Posted 06-25-2019 09:13
    Here's how we handle financial aid for Bring Your Own Device at Cannon School:

    Feel free to contact me with questions. 

    Bill Diskin

    William D. Diskin
    Director of Admission and Financial Aid
    Cannon School

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    Posted 06-25-2019 12:36

    Good Morning,
    We have a bring your own device policy, however, only allow Chromebooks as part of our tech policy. We have a strict tech policy (our students don't have cell phones on campus and only have wifi in academic areas - we're a boarding school) and Chromebooks allow for easy management software to be loaded and filters applied. 

    Because Chromebooks come in a range of pricing (~$125-$400+), it allows families to spend as much, or as little, as they want. We also encourage all families to buy a cheaper model with the reasoning that so much will change in technology in even just their 4 years of high school that they will probably want a newer model by graduation. 

    We have a full page "Chromebook Policy" that is sent out with our enrollment forms that explains the range of cost and the few recommendations we have on RAM size and accessories. We have only ever had one family express concern of paying for a Chromebook, in which case we helped them purchase one. Even our full-need families have found a means of purchasing a Chromebook for their child(ren). 

    I hope this helps. 


    Cierra Ensign
    Director of Admission & Financial Aid
    Midland School
    Los Olivos CA

  • 5.  RE: Bring Your Own Device

    Posted 06-26-2019 08:40
    Penn Charter offers a subsidized lease program for our students in grades 6-12. Families can choose to lease a MacBook Air from Sept - June for $180/year, or roughly $20/month. This program meets the needs of our student body; 40% of students lease their device, which mirrors the percentage who receive financial assistance. For the school, it was important that our 1:1 device program was affordable so that equity issues in devices did not arise.

    John Zurcher
    Penn Charter, Philadelphia

    John Zurcher
    Director of Enrollment Management and LS Admissions
    William Penn Charter School
    Philadelphia PA