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Question for boarding schools re: student accounts & tuition payments

  • 1.  Question for boarding schools re: student accounts & tuition payments

    Posted 05-19-2019 20:52

    Hello all and happy Sunday!


    As we near the end of our school year, I'm working with our business office and student life programs to put into place a few policies around balances due and enrollment/activities/etc.  I find this to be a much larger issue in a boarding school than in a day school where I'd previously been, in large part because parents aren't around to communicate regularly and especially face-to-face.


    So here's my question – do you have policies in place, either in handbook or enrollment contract, that contain "if/then" statements like:

    • If you don't bring $xxx for your initial student account deposit then you can/cannot ________. (i.e. enroll in classes or attend classes)
    • If your student account falls negative during the school year, then you can/cannot ________. (i.e. attend for-pay student events or purchase from the bookstore)
    • If your tuition balance is XXX days or XXX percent past due, then you are at risk for being asked to leave by ____ (date). (i.e. unpaid balance during Q1 means you will be asked to leave at Thanksgiving)
    • If you are not enrolled for the upcoming school year, then you cannot ________. (i.e. run for student government, store items on campus over the summer, apply to be a dorm prefect, etc.)


    I'm looking to strike a balance between the need to manage cash, not overwork the business office, and maintain the experience students are receiving, while also being transparent about the need for families to pay their own way throughout the academic year and not rely on the good will of the school.


    Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated, as are links and document examples! 





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