We use HigherLogic for the AISAP website and community groups 

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1501 Lee Highway, Suite 303
Arlington, VA 22209

Phone: (866) 670-1402

Website: http://www.higherlogic.com/home

Higher Logic Communities Drive Action and Results

Higher Logic is designed to empower relationship-building and foster community evolution—fundamental elements to the long-term relevance of any organization.

Higher Logic is your organization's secure, private community platform that empowers members, customers, support and product teams and administrators to create and manage meaningful, engaging online communities. It is the industry's premiere community solution, created specifically with the unique goals and needs of member and customer interactions in mind.

By introducing a community to your organization, you will open entirely new ways of interacting with and supporting your members and customers. The community platform is purpose-built to improve engagement, promote information sharing, increase collaboration, solve problems and provide a forum for innovation. Community members can connect with each other or company staff any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world, on any device.


Engage your members wherever they are and on any device.