Webinar | The Art and Science of Board Reports

When:  Apr 30, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)
You spend a great deal of time and energy providing board members and your administrative team with details and trends related to Admission and Enrollment. After all, these trends significantly impact not only your school’s institutional health but your operational and strategic goals as well. All too often, however, these dashboards often only deliver what the audience wants to know rather than what they need to know. Data delivery in this context must stop!

Join AISAP Executive Director and CEO Janice Crampton for a review of information that will help your team, administrative staff, and board. Knowing of course that every school is different, you’ll hear about ways to create dashboards that connect back to your mission and advance your short and long-term goals. We’ve gathered recommended formats from a number of resources in the AISAP community, and will make each available for download in the AISAP Resource Area for members.

Finally, we will seek to provide our community of practice with some context around becoming your best self as you deliver and tell the story that your data is telling you! Drawing from AISAP’s Learning & Development Framework, you will see that the art of Admission and Enrollment is achieved when you come from a place of strength, confidence, and preparedness. Bring your success stories and your challenges as data-driven dreaming can and will lead you and your school towards success!

Webinar Outcomes
  • Define the purpose of sharing data and trends 
  • Stress the importance of beginning and ending your reports your school’s mission and strategic objectives 
  • Help you understand and identify the importance of context concerning your overall school health 
  • Build confidence that what you are delivering is what they need to know, understand and interpret beyond the numbers on the page. 
  • Emphasize the need to own the data and use executive functioning skills to make it easily.

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