ONLINE COURSE | Marketing to Meet Enrollment--Class 2: What it is and Why it Matters for Your School

When:  Nov 11, 2019 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)

What if you knew:

  • What prospective families valued most when selecting a school for their child?
  • What people were really saying about your school: the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly?
  • What factors actually drive your enrollment now and in the future?
  • What your optimal tuition price point should be, relative to your value to your audience?

Market research uncovers exactly what your audiences are thinking about your school. Leveraging data from a well-designed market research study can be a game-changer for an independent school.

In this class, Kalix Marketing demystifies the basics of market research and shares how best to use it to inform a more effective marketing strategy. 


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Debby Murphy