Wednesday, October 25

8:00 AM Registration & Check In
Location: Andover Inn Lobby
Coffee & Light Breakfast served

9:00 AM Welcome | Kemper Auditorium

9:10 AM

Opening Remarks 
Jim Ventre, Assistant Head of School, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, Phillips Academy 

9:20 AM

Session I:
Thriving as a Financial Aid Practitioner During Challenging & Uncertain Times
A discussion with a panel of financial aid leaders (50 min)
Kemper Auditorium

10:30 AM   

Session II (50 min)

Option A: Kemper Auditorium

The Critical Intersection of Financial Assistance and Enrollment Priorities
Jenni Biehn, Director of Enrollment Management and Jennifer Corby, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Data Manager, Western Reserve Academy

Are admissions and financial aid fully integrated and collaborative programs that work powerfully together in support of enrollment goals at your school? During this session you will learn how to increase alignment by connecting discounting decisions to enrollment priorities. Consider a menu of need-based and merit-based discounting options, and then experience how you can use enrollment priorities as a framework to guide your discounting decision-making and impact your enrollment outcomes.

Option B: Underwood Room

Planning Over the Horizon - Strategies for Effective Long Term Financial Aid Planning
Jorge Delgado, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Nastaran Hakimi, Boston University Academy

We’ll discuss effective strategies for financial aid planning that look beyond the annual budget cycle. We’ll include key questions to help frame financial aid philosophies and policies and share how they set goals strategically. You will learn how to identify and work with key stakeholders in the budgeting process such as Finance Committee members and Business Office personnel and learn about tools for predictive modeling for financial aid awards.

12:00 AM

Lunch | Cohort Groups of 8-10 
Location: Andover Inn

1:00 PM

Session III (50 min)

Option A: Kemper Auditorium  

Supplemental Assistance Programs: A Philosophy and Practice for Your School
James Eberhart, Director of Financial Aid & Associate Director of Admission, Chadwick School (CA)

Geared toward those who are looking to start a supplemental assistance program (aid beyond tuition dollars), we’ll give you a way to think about what that could and should look like at your school. It will also offer a "manual" that could be used with some changes for you to bring back to your school. We’ll address budgetary concerns, as well as ways to partner effectively with your CFO and your Development Office to build this into your budget.

Option B: Underwood Room

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NTR
Drew Cocco, Director of Client Success, Clarity Tuition, former Director of Financial Aid

The vast majority of schools depend primarily on tuition revenue to fund day-to-day operations, which makes every enrollment decision a revenue decision. What's more, tuition pricing is outpacing household incomes, leading to increased use of financial aid and discounting as a tool for achieving enrollment management goals. The goal of this session is to reframe our thinking about the role of Net Tuition Revenue within a strategic and mission-driven financial aid strategy so we can hopefully worry a little less about fiscal sustainability.

2:10 PM           Introduce Case Studies | Kemper Auditorium

2:30 PM

Case Studies & Systems Updates (90 minutes)
Clarity: Phillips Room, Andover Inn
SSS and TADS: Stevens Room, Andover Inn
FACTS: Conference Room Andover Inn
FAST: Private Dining Room Andover Inn
Black Baud: Section of Samuels, Andover Inn

4:00 PM Discussion of Case Studies & Wrap Up | Kemper Auditorium

4:15 PM

Closing Cornerstone Speaker | Kemper Auditorium
How Much Should College Cost Students
Phillip Levine, Katharine Professor of Economics, Center for Economic Security and Opportunity, Wellesley College

Known for his research on the effect of interventions intended to benefit disadvantaged youth, Philip is also the founder of MyinTuition, a tool that aims to calculate the actual amount a prospective college student will have to pay in tuition, based on students' income, investments, and homeownership. He’ll share details on its launch at Wellesley in 2013, and how it’s now being used by over 70 colleges across the United States.

5:15 PM Reception, Andover Inn

6:00 PM Dinner, Andover Inn  


Thursday, October 26 

8:30 AM

Andover Inn: Phillips Room

9:00 AM

Business Taxes and Complicated Financial Aid Cases
Alisa Evans, Founder & CEO, Mission Enrollment

Reviewing tax documents for both families and businesses are some of the most difficult parts of the financial aid administrator’s job. Businesses are inherently harder to review simply because we cannot easily compare their available cash to that of a traditional W-2 family. In an interactive workshop, Alisa will review the types of tax documents and business configurations to help you review folders in several ways.

11:00 AM Program Concludes