Our Annual Institutes

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." 

~Henry Ford

IMG_3708-XL.jpgComing Together is Key

As Henry Ford said, coming together is just the beginning.

Since 2006, AISAP has been bringing together admission and enrollment management professionals from around the globe. Our Institutes represent a coming together; a new beginning; a moment to gather, reconnect with friends, take stock of the independent and private school landscape and continue to educate, elevate, and empower yourself in your own professional development.  Whether you are emerging, advancing or mastering the profession at AISAP’s Annual Institute you will learn as well as hone in on the newest and the tried and true operational tools and strategic and tactical resources, allowing you to succeed at your schools and along your professional pathway.

IMG_3234-XL.jpgStaying Together is Progress

AISAP is committed to educating, elevating, and empowering admission and enrollment management professionals and advocating for the profession in the context of independent school leadership. This is AISAP’s singular focus, mission, and vision.

Membership in AISAP and attendance at our Institutes provides rich opportunities to evaluate your professional journey and take advantage of a wide variety of educational content and training. To the degree that you are interested in mastering the enrollment management profession, AISAP is here to help, from leadership development to mentoring opportunities. Join our member Cohort Program and experience one of the most effective means of colleague connection and support.

IMG_6050-XL.jpgWorking Together is Success

The program at each Institute reflects the latest trends, issues, and topics facing the enrollment management professions. Our speakers and sessions elevate the conversation beyond tactical suggestions and strategies to the practical; to best practices; to innovative, industry-leading solutions. Every year, our Institutes offer new ideas, perspectives, and approaches to the enrollment profession.

An underlying guiding principle of our Institutes is our Learning & Development Framework for Admission & Enrollment Management Professionals.