Certification Enrollment

Beginning the process to earn your CAEP © credential is a three-part process. 

  1. Candidates must first meet eligibility requirements.
  2. Completion of full payment for the online course.
  3. Completion of the enrollment data form.  
  4. Receipt of login credentials and access to the course.

As soon as your registration fee is paid you will have one year from that date to complete your certification program. And you will be given credentials that allow access to your learning platform.

If you’re ready to begin we encourage you to   

Certification Fees




$695.00 USD

$1,195.00 USD*

Group of 2 from a school (fee per person)

$550.00 USD

$895.00 USD*

Group of 3 or more from a school (fee per person)

$500.00 USD

$745.00 USD*

College Student** enrollment

$395.00 USD (includes 1 free year
of individual membership)

* To join AISAP and become certified at the member price, Join Here
**College Student is someone currently enrolled in an accredited higher education program

The pricing for groups from one office with a facilitator and session discussion and reflection

Spring 2019 for Groups from one office

Group of 2 – 4 from one school 


Group of 5 – 10 from one school


Group of 10 or more from one school


***Dates to be agreed upon by the Director of Admission and the AISAP facilitator. A scheduled zoom call would take place each week (or every other as schedules allow) and be facilitated.  This would be a 6-8 week “class” with facilitated phone calls.

If you have questions, please contact Janice Crampton, Executive Director and CEO, janice@aisap.org