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AISAP_Spring_2014_IMG_3857.jpgAt AISAP we have four types of membership: Schools, corporate partners, associations, and individuals. AISAP membership is institution-based. Our primary
membership group is schools and school employees, in accordance with AISAP Bylaws – Article III. If an institution or organization is an AISAP member, by extension, so, too, is any person involved in the admission, enrollment management, financial aid or communications-marketing efforts at that institution. 

AISAP is the only association that has YOU as the sole mission and focus of our work. You, nothing else. So, whether it is because you see the power of association, the value that we see in you as a member, or the knowledge that through growth and advocacy we will all be stronger – At AISAP, we Educate, Elevate, and Empower you each day in varying ways. We provide you with what you need as an individual as well as a community of colleagues. AISAP members have full access to exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, practical and educational compelling content, and essential tools that empower and inspire. Come join your peers in pursuing excellence in the admission and enrollment management profession. Become part of the AISAP community.

School Members 

School membership is open to both non-profit and for-profit schools that are:
  • pre-collegiate and located both inside and outside of the United States and U.S. territories.
  • accredited or licensed by a nationally or internationally recognized organization.
  • at least 5 years old.
  • in accordance with and have accepted the Ethical Behavior & Best Practices
  • for Admission Professionals.

Please note that provisional membership is open to non-profit or for-profit pre-collegiate institutions in the process of acquiring accreditation or licensing to operate in the United States, its territories or outside of the United States. Eligible institutions must have been in operation for at least 5 years.

School Membership (based on Total School Enrollment at the time of membership)
Enrollment Less than 150 students $349.00 U.S.
Enrollment between 150 – 399 students $565.00 U.S.
Enrollment between 400 – 749 students $675.00 U.S.
Enrollment equal to or more than 750 students $839.00 U.S.

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Corporate Members

For-profit or not-for-profit businesses, companies, vendors or organizations with programs, products or services  related to the work of member institutions and actively engaged in supporting the workof AISAP.


$795 per year

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Associations and Organizations

Any organization or association that provide products and / or services to the
independent school community is encouraged to join AISAP.
Entities must be
entitled to tax exemptions under Section 501 (c)(3).



$300.00 per year




Any individual with experience in enrollment management or seeing a career in enrollment management is welcome to join AISAP. Retired professionals who were actively engaged in enrollment management activities are also encouraged to join AISAP. This category is not open to anyone currently employed by an institution. 


$135.00 per year