Certified Admission & Enrollment Management Program©

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  • Industry’s first and only Certification Program
  • Certified distinction in the profession
  • Self-paced, online program completed on your timetable


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The Certified Admission & Enrollment Management Program (CAEP)© is the industry's first and only certification program for private school PK-12 admission and enrollment management professionals as well as other school leaders. Certification in any profession is a symbol designed to prove excellence in one’s professional competence and behaviors as well as to enhance one’s profession at large. CAEP© is situated to be the standard of excellence in the world of independent school admission and enrollment management professionals. 

The certification framework and content support those individuals responsible for admission and enrollment management to meet the challenges of the admission landscape as well as understand the leadership role that is in play for a school’s advancement.

Earning the CAEP© distinction is the coveted hallmark for any committed admission and enrollment management professional and those who support the advancement of the profession. Our program serves as the catalyst to launch your interest and demonstrate your desire to become a certified professional in independent school admission and enrollment management using the knowledge learned via CAEP© to promote institutional health and well-being. Learn more about Eligibility and Enrollment by clicking now.  

The Purpose

Earning the CAEP© certificate serves as a distinction to all in the profession as to your understanding as well as support and commitment to the profession. This recognition will:

  • Validate your professional competence and behaviors in admission & enrollment management, 
  • Confirm your significance as a member of the school's leadership team, 
  • Enhance confidence in the ever-changing landscape of independent school admissions, 
  • Demonstrate commitment to the profession of admission & enrollment management, and
  • Distinguish you from peers and other school leaders.

The Process

Currently, the program has one level of completion consisting of six modules with each module containing approximately 4 lessons.  The modules are:

 - Admission Basics

   - Marketing and Communications

 - Revenue Management

   - Research, Data, and Landscape

 - Retention and School Loyalty

   - Management and Leadership.

This is an asynchronous, online, self-paced curriculum has been designed with the necessary tools, equipment, and subject matter expertise to aid you through the certification process. It is recommended that you prepare to reserve two to three (or more) hours per module to 

a.) assist in pacing
b.) allow for consistent engagement
c.) permit time for reflection and feedback. 

CAEP© is completed online through our state of the art learning management system.  Following each module, there will be an online assessment reflection that is first completed and before the participant receives feedback.  When all six module assessment reflections are completed, you will have successfully demonstrated mastery earning your CAEP© certification.

AISAP firmly believes in the art and science of this profession. Through CAEP© we desire to not only educate our members and those who support admission and enrollment management; we seek to elevate the individual who holds this distinguished certification, CAEP©, for all independent school leaders to recognize and value. Learn more about Eligibility and Enrollment by clicking now.  

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