Vision and Values Award

The Vision and Values Award recognizes a leader in the Enrollment profession who serves as an example for others to recognize, follow, and be inspired by. This award goes to an individual who exemplifies high standards of integrity in leadership and demonstrates and shares best practices in Admission and Enrollment Management.

The award is named after Andrew (Andy) B. Noel III, the former director of financial aid at Choate Rosemary Hall (CT) who fought courageously against cancer and passed away in January 2015. Andy was a well-known and beloved leadership voice not only in the Choate community but nationally. His pursuit of excellence, impactful collaborations with peers and colleagues, and relentless desire to always improve his skills made him the consummate professional. He was a true mentor, sounding board, and source of inspiration.


To highlight a core value of AISAP, members are encouraged to nominate a colleague who continues to lead other professionals in developing and sharing best practices in the profession. This member should consistently promote collaboration and resource with fellow Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals and seek to strengthen their work through professional development opportunities and education available through the variety of offerings made possible by AISAP and all our peer associations.


Nominated individuals should:

  • Consistently abide by AISAP’s Ethical Behavior and Best Practices in Admission and Enrollment Management.
  • Demonstrate contributions to advancing those in the profession through mentoring, teaching, and supporting their colleagues.
  • Utilize effective practices in advancing the work of admission and enrollment management efforts at their affiliated institutions and associations.
  • Demonstrate the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs of AISAP in its practice to support the profession.

The awardee will be chosen by a selection committee that includes members of the AISAP Board of Directors and recognized at the 2025 AISAP Annual Institute in Bethesda, MD in June 2025.


Kristen MariottiThis year’s recipient of the AISAP Vision and Values Award is Kristen Mariotti, Head of Enrollment Management, Emma Willard School at the AISAP Annual Institute in Salt Lake City.

As the Head of Enrollment Management at Emma Willard School, Kristen provides strategic vision and leadership for the admissions, enrollment, and retention programs at Emma Willard School. She serves on the Administrative Team and supervises a highly creative and successful Admissions Team. Moreover, she has championed inclusive and ethical practices by dismantling barriers to access through initiatives at her school that promote equity and diversity in education.

In their remarks presenting the award, Ken Hyde, Director of Admission and Enrollment, Porter-Gaud School and Orna Siegel, Executive Director, Project 412 JCC Association of North America characterized Kristen as both a connector of people and passionate advocate for continuous learning and meaningful connections. They said, “Kristen’s enthusiasm for her school extends beyond its campus, as she actively shares knowledge and builds networks that benefit their school community nationwide. Her dedication and achievements inspire us all.”

For her part, Janice Crampton, Executive Director and CEO, AISAP says “Kristen embodies the highest standards of our profession and exemplifies AISAP’s core values: to be extraordinary, continuously learn, put members first, make meaningful connections, embrace inclusion and diversity, and uphold the utmost ethical standards.”




If you have any questions about the award or the nomination process, please contact Janice Crampton, AISAP Executive Director and CEO at