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Pathways Benchmarking Survey Results


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On March 6, 2012, the Head of my school was killed on campus during the school day by a disgruntled employee who had been fired earlier that day. The shooter also killed himself. Our community was devastated but thankful the loss in our school’s story was limited to just two. As part of the healing process, ...
Airport lounges. Dinners with current families in exotic restaurants. Buses, planes and gyms with colleagues. Fairs, information sessions, and open houses answering the same questions over and over. Are you like me and missing these things? Terribly? For the admission world, at least here in Ontario ...

Words of Hope

In these troubled times, I want to take a moment to share a few words of hope with you. My hope for you is that you are well, safe and healthy. If you are like most of us in admissions and financial aid, you are working differently than you ever have, and working harder than you ever have. In admissions ...

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