Survey Services

Drive strategy and enrollment planning with this valuable and time-saving resource.

AISAP offers exclusively to its member schools three individual electronic surveys for enrolling, non-enrolling and exiting families. These three individual surveys will provide your school with important data that can inform strategic enrollment management planning, marketing decisions, and help to influence future student and family decision-making.

The three individual Admitted/Enrolling, Admitted/Non-Enrolling, and Exit Surveys are critical for admission and enrollment offices as they seek to track and better understand the reasons why families are choosing, not choosing, or leaving the school.

Value/Benefit To Your School

  • Cost effective way to launch base-line institutional research and provide an important feedback loop
  • Data to guide key decisions and drive strategic enrollment planning and marketing tactics
  • Data to influence prospective family decision-making
  • Access to open ended comments and suggestions directly from families

The individual surveys are designed to identify the following information:

  • School characteristics of importance when choosing a school and the quality of those same characteristics at your school
  • Factors influencing decision
  • Decision makers (student, parent, shared)
  • Source of initial interest
  • Effectiveness of school information sources (website, admission materials, etc.)
  • Demographics  (grade, boarding/day status, zip code, distance from school)
  • School competitors


Once you purchase a survey, the school contact will receive a follow-up call from AISAP within a week to begin the process. AISAP will work with the school contact to:

  • Personalize the survey with the school logo, name, colors and contact information
  • Ensure all participant responses are confidential

Due to the high demand for surveys from April-September, we ask that you purchase your survey(s) a minimum of 3-4 weeks in advance of your mail date so there is ample time for set up. 

Customized survey

In addition to customizing and administering your survey, AISAP will provide an analysis of the survey data.

Price per survey: $500 member/$695 non-member

1) Students who are Accepted and Enroll Survey
2) Students who are Accepted and Don’t Enroll Survey
3) Customized Exit Survey for students who leave the school before graduation

You can purchase multiple or all three surveys by adding them to your shopping cart.