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AISAP is the primary resource for the support and advancement of Independent and Private School Admission and Enrollment Professionals. AISAP is the only association that has YOU—the admission and enrollment professional—as our sole mission and focus. We’re dedicated to the professional growth and development of independent school admission and enrollment managers.

Join our vibrant community of professionals who are willing to share their experience and insight in all aspects of independent school admission and enrollment management.

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AISAP membership gives you the information and knowledge needed to advance your institutional mission, your work and your career.

Membership in AISAP provides rich opportunities throughout the year, fulfilling our mission to educate, elevate, and empower you as a professional. Regardless of your tenure, professional development and continuing education is the secret to success. If an institution or organization is an AISAP member, by extension, so too, is any person involved in the admission, enrollment management, financial aid, communications and marketing efforts at that institution or organization.


Membership is open to both nonprofit and for-profit schools that:

  • Are pre-collegiate and located both inside and outside of the United States and U.S. territories
  • Are accredited or licensed by a nationally or internationally recognized organization
  • Have operated for five years or more
  • In accordance with the Ethical Behavior & Best Practices for Admission Professionals


School Membership (based on Total School Enrollment at the time of membership)

Enrollment Less than 150 students


Enrollment between 150 – 399 students


Enrollment between 400 – 749 students


Enrollment equal to or more than 750 students


AISAP values companies and organizations that are committed to advancing the admission and enrollment management work of independent schools. Our Corporate Partnership program is cost effective and offers high visibility for your products and services throughout the year. AISAP recognizes the value of association as we work together to advance the mission of AISAP. 

AISAP offers its Corporate Partners:

  • Visibility to more than 6,000 Independent School professionals
  • Assistance with the development and expansion of AISAP business supplier programs, utilizing AISAP Ethical Behavior and Best Practices, as well as Standards & Competencies in Admission & Enrollment Management
  • Company or organization logo included in AISAP online Corporate Partner listing, as well as appropriate marketing newsletters, brochures and other materials
  • Access to AISAP members and nonmembers during AISAP events 
  • Use of the AISAP logo on your marketing materials
  • National recognition as a supporter of the Admission Profession and the work of Independent Schools in advancing, supporting and growing schools
  • Access to peers and industry colleagues, allowing for the sharing of best practices with admission professionals
  • Opportunity to participate in AISAP global events that recognize and celebrate excellence in the development of the admission profession
  • Attendance at AISAP's Annual Institute, the largest of its kind, reaching more than 6,000 schools and drawing participants from around the world, where corporate partners generate business opportunities through sponsorships, networking, workshops and Annual Institute sessions

Any organization or association that provide products and/or services to the independent school community is encouraged to join AISAP. Entities must be entitled to tax exemptions under Section 501 (c)(3).


Any individual with experience in enrollment management or seeking a career in enrollment management is welcome to join AISAP. Retired professionals who were actively engaged in enrollment management activities are also encouraged to join AISAP. This category is not open to those currently employed by independent or private school. 

ANNUAL FEE: $135                      APPLY NOW

Hear what member Ken Hyde has to say about the benefits of AISAP membership.

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Join our vibrant community of professionals who are willing to share their experience and insight in all aspects of independent school admission and enrollment management.