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Janice Crampton


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Janice M. Crampton
Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Association of Independent School Admission Professionals, AISAP

In July 2007, the Board of Directors of AISAP appointed Janice Crampton to serve as their Executive Director. Janice brings over thirty-five years of experience in school and university work to her current position at AISAP, a global association whose mission and vision is to support and advance those involved in admission and enrollment management in their responsibilities for advancing institutional mission and financial sustainability. AISAP is the primary resource and leading advocate for the community of independent school admission and enrollment management professionals. 

Under Janice’s leadership AISAP has issued guidelines and parameters for professionals and their schools though the adherence of Ethical Behavior & Best Practices in Admission and Enrollment Management as well as Standards & Competencies for Admission & Enrollment Management. In addition, Janice has led AISAP to create and implement the Certification for Admission and Enrollment Management Professionals, CAEP ©, Consultancy Services, Internships, Educational Expos, as well as programs and services that continue to advance, educate, and advocate for the profession around the world. As Executive Director of AISAP Janice speaks on topics related to Admission and Enrollment Management. Her insight, passion, knowledge and understanding of the strategic as well as operational needs and strategies involved in admission and enrollment management have made her an industry expert and a sought after participant in conversations and thought leadership on this topic. Beginning the summer of 2016, Janice will be a member of the faculty for the Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations at Vanderbilt University in their Independent School Leadership M.Ed. program.

Janice has spent her 35-year professional career in Admission both in Higher Education as well as Prekindergarten through Grade 12 Independent Schools. A graduate of Bucknell University, Janice began her career in their Office of Admission traveling throughout the United States as well as Internationally working with International and Transfer students. From there Janice served with the State of New Jersey Department of Higher Education, working for the Assistant Chancellor then moving to serving as the Director of Admission and Financial Aid at a Prekindergarten – Grade 12 School, Gill St. Bernard’s School in New Jersey. Returning to her college Admission and placement roots Janice then served as Director of College Counseling at Francis Parker School in California, followed by Greenwich Academy and The Williams School in Connecticut before her arrival to The Country School located in Madison, Connecticut. At TCS, Janice was Director of External Relations where she was responsible for oversight and management of all institutional advancement efforts - Enrollment, Financial Aid, Parent Relations, Communications, Event Management, working closely with the Board of Trustees in addition to work in Development and Alumni Relations. Janice has served on the Board of Directors of local charities and several Independent Schools