Celebrating You

By Janice Crampton posted 06-15-2021 04:22 PM


June marks the end of a school year like no other. Graduations, moving up ceremonies, and farewell picnics are not only signifying that the year is now a wrap, but most of them are even occurring in person.

We may have had common elements or reasons why this year was like no other, but each of our schools, and the AISAP community as a whole, responded with individual nuances and tactics. It’s been a time when traditional practices and processes were no longer possible or simply became ineffective as our operating environment changed so dramatically.

But of course, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. However, I remain struck by your heroic efforts and feel compelled to celebrate YOU. I encourage you to pause for a moment and breathe. Think about the lives you have impacted and changed. Think about your growth and development and the "tank" that you need to fill.

You are demonstrating in your daily professional lives the very craft that is the profession. Instilling trust, balancing stakeholders, communicating effectively - this is a profession that is not for the faint of heart. But you are ensuring the future of your school and its mission, and for that - with no plaque or walk across a stage with applause and an ovation - I celebrate you. It’s my hope that every admission and enrollment professional has a joyful, restful summer. It could not be more well deserved.

Janice Crampton

Janice Crampton
Executive Director/CEO