The Day You Were Hired You Were Perfect for the Job—Are You Still?

By Ray Diffley posted 01-31-2019 18:28


You were perfect for the job when your school hired you, right? How about now? Are you keeping pace with the Admission and Enrollment profession?

In my role at AISAP’s Leadership Center for Admission Professionals, I hear a lot.  Good, bad and everything in between. I hear— and see—so much change in the industry, yet I haven’t seen enough Admission Professionals keep pace with those changes. How have you added to your knowledge since you were hired?

During the past several years, the role of admission managers as gatekeepers and judges of who gets in and who doesn’t has shifted dramatically to both enrollment management and, for many, to simply enrollment—ensuring the school is fully enrolled. This shift requires different skill sets on several levels and an acute awareness the profession has not experienced before now.

The stakes are high. Boards are pressuring Heads of School and HOS are turning to admission leaders who are turning to their staffs to deliver. This is where AISAP comes in: to educate, elevate and empower Admission Professionals to indeed deliver. 

Most of what I see is viewed through the many lenses of AISAP. For example, our Career Center focuses on job posts and discussions with search professionals regularly; our consultancy work takes us inside admission offices to see how they’re structured and equipped to meet the challenges of the day; we see or interact with thousands of constituents every day and know which webinars are hot, which Annual Institute sessions max out and, of course, we’re seeing an increased demand for the Chatham Experience events, which we’re expanding throughout the country.

Yet, the key question all Admission Professionals must ask is this: Assuming you were the right person for the job when your school hired you, are you still the right person for the job? Are you equipped and prepared to meet the unique demands that your market and school now requires? 

The most helpful and revolutionary tool for helping you gauge where you are—and to develop a plan for where you need to be—was unfolded this past summer at AISAP’s Annual Institute. I urge you to click on this link to consider where you stack up in these Admission Professional competencies.

As we know, in our profession the key to sustained success and joy in your role is the proper fit for the job. I’m happy to say that more often than not, I meet admission professionals who are great fits for their schools. For those of you who keep up on professional development through AISAP programs, such as CAEP, online webinars, workshops and consultancy services, kudos to you. 

For those of you who would like to learn how AISAP stands ready every day to support you in your professional journey, please check out our many offerings, including our Career Center. Please bookmark our website and visit often.

Ray Diffley
Director of AISAP's Center for Admission and Enrollment Management Leadership