Steve Bristol

Steve Bristol 2023

Steve Bristol is a lifelong member of the independent school community. As a student, teacher, coach, senior administrator, and consultant for over 40 years, Steve is personally and professionally part of schools and school culture. Through Triangle Associates, Steve applies the depth and breadth of his experience in partnering with schools around operational and administrative excellence. 
Having launched his career as a traditional “triple-threat” in boarding schools, Steve led four very different schools in advancement, athletics, enrollment management, and daily operations. In addition, Steve has extensive experience in school technology and marketing and communications.
Steve helps lead schools through triumph and tragedy and, in so doing, has developed a uniquely broad portfolio of experiences and knowledge. A practical, authentic school leader, Steve engages with his clients personally and collaboratively, endeavoring to partner with them as they navigate the strategic, personnel, and operational challenges of today’s 21st-century educational landscape.
Steve holds a B.A. from Hamilton College, an M.S.Ed in School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. A lifelong athlete, coach, and outdoorsman, Steve incorporates the skills and collaborative spirit of his passions in all his work with schools. In addition, Steve and his wife, Karyn, a psychotherapist, have raised three independent school graduates and make their home with their two labs in the Lakes Region of Western Maine.