Micro-Credentials and Credential (AEMP)

AISAP is the industry leader in Admission and Enrollment Management education and training. We’re pleased to announce that AISAP has developed two new offerings that will allow participants to acquire master skills in the independent and private school Admission and Enrollment Management profession. Utilizing industry experts and practitioners, these programs deliver information and knowledge that speaks to current best practices, as well as proven traditional methods.

This new program offers the following:

  • Trusted standards evidenced by AISAP’s Learning and Development Framework©
  • Effective knowledge and skills reflected in the L&D Framework
  • Accurate assessment of knowledge and skills with feedback for professional growth
  • Opportunity to obtain concrete verification of mastery of admission and enrollment knowledge and skills.
AISAP Micro-Credential

AISAP’s Micro-Credential courses provide professional training grounded in industry standards and learning science, resulting in a Micro-Credential aligned to AISAP’s Learning and Development Framework. Each Micro-Credential focuses on a specific Performance Behavior and uses research-based STAR LEGACY to develop knowledge and skills—a process that guides the learner through a rigorous, self-paced and job-embedded learning experience. Upon completion of the experience and demonstrated mastery of the specific Performance Behavior, the professional receives a Micro-Credential verifying mastery of that specific Performance Behavior.

AISAP Credential

AISAP’s Credential Exam provides an opportunity for Admission and Enrollment Professionals to verify mastery of the six Standards and Skills articulated in the Learning and Development Framework to obtain the Credential. This online exam assesses mastery of each of the Standards and Skills using multiple-choice items developed through industry-established presses and subject matter experts (current admissions and enrollment professionals). Completion of the exam also results in a report that identifies areas of strength/weakness and also describes specific professional learning opportunities to inform professional growth.