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Executive Leadership Coaching

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Having an executive leadership coach who can provide compassionate, honest, authentic, and wise reflection is invaluable in today's modern workplace. Often, the phrase "it's lonely at the top" is very true for admissions professionals who find themselves in leadership roles. Factors of confidentiality and workplace sensitivity can create a sense of isolation for the leader who must make hard, nuanced decisions.

It's why we’re proud to partner with Inez Odom on a new Executive Leadership Coaching program where admission and enrollment professionals will have personal 1:1 conversations designed to enhance your leadership skills.

Using evidence-based approaches to help gain deeper awareness of where you are on your professional journey, you’ll work together to identify opportunities for growth, and create an action plan to move toward your goals.

The Process

We will take a distinctively personal approach by:

  • Beginning with a brief Zoom intake meeting that will precede coaching to establish rapport and determine our plan for coaching.

  • Gathering and assessing the histories and trajectories of your career to date.

  • Defining strengths that can be leveraged and developed and identifying areas for growth to establish goals and define success.

  • Providing a “takeaway” that may include referrals to AISAP resources, relevant external resources and referrals to AISAP partners and practitioners.

About Inez Odom

Inez Odom

With over thirty years of experience in the education and media industries, Inez is a certified manager and a passionate leader who strives to empower and inspire others to achieve their full potential. 

Engaging with people, learning about their interests, and helping them to realize their goals is a skill that she has cultivated and developed over time. And with thirty years of workplace experience, including owning a business and long experience working in independent schools, Inez is uniquely positioned to offer executive leadership coaching.

As the former assistant head of school for enrollment management and outreach, Inez oversaw the strategic initiatives for the Office of Admission as well as the Marketing and Communications departments for La Jolla Country Day School.

With a master’s degree in communications from Stanford University, Inez implemented progressive initiatives for the office of admission, including state-of-the-art project and student management software, strategies for recruitment and student ambassador programs. She oversaw the practical and experiential aspects of the admission process to ensure that applicants were treated with dignity, fairness and kindness. She also worked closely with her fellow leadership team members to verify that students and their families had a meaningful and positive experience.

Her sensitivity blended with a deep business-based understanding of the unique pressures faced by admissions professionals positions her well to provide the executive coaching that you and your career deserve.


$125/hour session or $400 for 4 one hour sessions.

Let’s talk

To learn more, contact Inez Odom at inezrobinsonodom@gmail.com or 619.818.9846.

To set up your Discovery Call, please fill out the AISAP Discovery Form