We are NOT giving away thousands of dollars in awesome prizes. Here’s why...

By Cindy Yancey posted 06-17-2015 12:01 AM


...because we believe you would want to help your fellow-Admission professionals for the good of the profession!

A few weeks ago, I got an email with which I bet you can sympathize:

 I wish I could tell how we're doing. There isn’t enough transparency out there, and seeing how other independent schools are doing would be really helpful  :)

Since starting at AISAP, I’ve heard probably dozens of comments expressing a similar sentiment.  And while I understand why many want to be super-protective of confidential information and protect privacy, I wish we could all be more open about how we're doing.  It would help all of us — new-to-admissions and seasoned vets alike — better measure ourselves and benchmark our own efforts.

The reason that we started this survey with SchoolAdmin is to help schools tell how they "stack up":

Are we doing well?
Is our tuition in line with other schools?
What is our retention rate supposed to be?

      And while every school is different — and thus all of our success metrics will be different — it’s incredibly helpful to know what baseline numbers we should be aiming for, and what strategies are working for others to improve those numbers.

      That’s why we are excited to tell you more about 'The Scale' 2014-15 Admission/Marketing Performance Benchmarking Survey Take the survey now, or read on for more details.

      Why You Should Take This Survey Right Now

      We want to bring the AISAP community — schools, members and subscribers, as well as the rest of the independent school admission and marketing ecosystem — together to create a free, valuable resource for each other.

      We’re asking independent school admission offices and marketing departments to (anonymously) share data on conversion rates, student acquisition strategies and other facets of their businesses, to make us all more educated, more savvy and more successful.

      We’ll compile and publish the results to answer some important questions about our industry.  The survey itself takes about five minutes to complete.

      To Prepare to Take the Survey

      If you'd like to gather the information you'll need to take the survey, here's a Scale Quick Start Checklist or Scale Survey Spreadsheet (clicking will download the document) to prepare.  Collect the data you'll need, and when you're ready...

      Take 'The Scale' 2014-15 Admission/Marketing Performance Benchmarking Survey


      To Thank You

      To express our gratitude, we offer, FIVE gifts to all AISAP members and to non-members who participate:

      1. A personalized copy of the 2014-15 Admission/Marketing Assessment Report for YOUR SCHOOL. This includes a complimentary consultation to decipher the data (a $49 value).

      2. A copy of the "State of the Industry: 2014-15 Annual Admissions and Marketing Performance Benchmarking Report" (a $60 value). Please remember to include your email address if you want a copy of the report!

      3. A presentation of the results of the State of the Industry report at the AISAP Annual Institute.

      4. A 2014-15 Scale Participant ribbon for your profile on our community, the AISAP Exchange:

      5. For one randomly chosen, lucky winner... a Kindle Fire HD6!  On July 1st we'll randomly choose a winner from the participants who give their email -- FIRE-works for the Fourth!


      Tell Your Friends

      The more people participate in this survey, the better our data is, the more valuable the results of the survey will be for everyone. So, please tell your Independent School friends about the survey.

      To make things even easier, here’s a Tweet you can send right now (click to tweet):
      I just completed the @AISAPInfo 2014-15 Scale Survey. Let's learn from each other

      Looking for a link to the survey? It’s right here.