We Admit! The Admission and Enrollment Podcast

By Janice Crampton posted 04-06-2021 12:17


We_Admit_logo.jpgI admit that a large part of my role with AISAP is watching and then listening as the life cycle of an Admission and Enrollment Professional rolls over from one year to the next. Each year around this time, the listening tends to have a theme that spurs me to create the context for Admission and Enrollment Professionals to be their best selves. I know this sounds cliche, but now more than ever, people in our profession and those whose work stands on the shoulders of our results want concrete answers. At the same time, longevity in the profession can be accompanied by burnout and erosion of confidence. We need a time to celebrate and comfort and a platform that can be heard by many rather than a few.

That’s the reason why I’m excited to announce the launch of AISAP’s first-ever podcast: “We Admit!” Join me for honest conversations with admission and enrollment professionals that highlight the trials and triumphs of working within the independent school community.

"We Admit!" speaks authentically to our most vital and vulnerable moments. Who else but those in your community of practice better understands the impact of saying no to students and families? Or can relate to the sense of achievement felt when the mail delivers contracts? Or the loneliness and isolation felt when you don’t meet your targets?

We Admit will not show you how to increase your funnel. Nor will it advance your knowledge of pivot tables, regression analysis, or digital marketing. We seek to bring you home. After all, the craft that is Admission and Enrollment is not for the faint of heart, but it is more fulfilling than a spreadsheet. You are an essential worker. You are the lifeblood of a school. You are the carrier of the mission, and We Admit we are here to listen and celebrate you.

Janice Crampton, CAEP | AEMP
Executive Director/CEO
Association of Independent School
Admission Professionals