Consultancy Services




The mission of the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP) is to support and advance those involved in admission and enrollment management in their responsibilities for advancing institutional mission and financial sustainability.

Responsibilities of admission professionals have grown exponentially over time, and given that scope, admission professionals can benefit and grow from an objective assessment of their operation by their peers, as well as a partnership in planning possible pathways moving forward. As each school’s mission and vision is different than the next, AISAP recognizes the importance of this consultancy being as personal and adaptable to the individual and the school as possible. Therefore, the process is personalized and individualized. The AISAP Admission Consultancy Service is tailored to a school’s particular circumstances, and the strengths and individuality of the professionals who serve each school.

The AISAP Consultancy Service provides peer-to-peer review and assessment of the enrollment management program at your school. The consultancy visit is led by a core of two experienced Admission professionals: Ray Diffley and Debby Murphy. The core team is joined by a third contributor from the AISAP Board, specifically selected for your school. During a one and one half day visit, the consultancy team will provide you and your school leaders with feedback about the structure and efficiency of operation, as well as ideas and recommendations about how to evolve your operations and support the objectives of your enrollment management program. We’ll assess office operations, processes, campus visit program(s), communications strategy, and outreach. If requested, we’ll also provide you with a list of additional resources to use for a “deep dive” on issues like demographic analysis, net tuition revenue modeling, and brand development and marketing plans.

Any time is a good time to partner with AISAP, but targeted times for a consultancy are during periods of market demographic changes (growing or shrinking), during leadership or staffing transitions e.g., prior to a new dean or director coming on board, or when a team has been in place without change for a period of time.

What Sets Consultancy Services Apart

  • We offer a peer-to-peer assessment performed by experienced Admission professionals and practitioners.

  • We provide specific recommendations based on an established and pre-approved priority checklist of your Admission program to be reviewed.

  • The team visits your school having studied in advance all reports and marketing material in the context of our Learning and Development Framework©.

  • Our price is reflective of the peer-to-peer philosophy of the program. Your school pays only for the program fee plus expenses for each consultant. 

  • With Consultancy Service AISAP will grant one Certification (CAEP) to an admission professional on your staff. Content can be used office-wide as professional development while one professional gains the CAEP designation.

AISAP Consultancy Service Project Fee




Enrollment Less than 150 students*




Enrollment between 150 – 399 students*




Enrollment between 400 – 749 students*




Enrollment equal to or more than 750 students*




*For schools outside of North America, there is an additional $3000.00 U.S. added to the fees noted above. 

To learn more, contact Ray Diffley, Director of AISAP's Center for Admission and Enrollment Management Leadership. Call us at 203.421.7051 or email