Puzzled by Financial Aid? Get the training you need this fall to ensure fair and equitable aid decisions.

October 26th 9am-5pm and October 27th 8am-12noon in Louisville, KY at the beautiful Brown Hotel

There’s never been a more important time for schools to focus on educational access, affordability and fostering a diverse and inclusive community where the essential value of every individual is honored.

You’ll find an interactive, hands-on experience that’s far more in-depth than a typical breakout session or pre-conference event.

This year’s agenda will focus on real-life scenarios where leadership, vision, and strategic will meet daily operational and tactical results. Where we can find the joy in this work and where our leadership as professionals truly makes an impact.

Inspiring Speakers and Thought Leaders

You’ll get live instruction from Alisa Evans, Founder & CEO of Mission Enrollment, and other leading voices in financial aid and independent education on the realities and challenges of financial aid administration.

A Year-Round Cohort Experience

Each attendee will be assigned to a small cohort group that will meet during the event and we will continue to support it throughout the year with ongoing web-based meetings designed to keep the conversation going.


Deep Technology Dives

No matter which system you use, you’ll get practical hands-on advice on leveraging the technology you’re utilizing at your school. System trainers will share best practices and work through real-world case studies with you in a team environment.

Featured Speaker

Mark Mitchell
Vice President
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

Feeling the Joys and Embracing the Challenges of Financial Aid

Join us as Mark will share a quantitative and qualitative scan of what the industry is facing and ruminating on in these times of opportunity and change. As he noted last year, we “make a dent in the universe” through our work, and while there are things that make us proud of our work and its results, he will share current challenges facing today’s aid professionals.