Consultancy Services

AISAP knows that each independent and private school’s mission differs from the next. And, because we’re in the business of supporting and advancing those involved in admission and enrollment management—especially when it comes to the institutional mission and financial sustainability of their individual schools—we take a distinctively personal approach with each of our consultancy partnerships.

How Consultancy Services Can Help

The Process


  • Pre-visit surveys for key school stakeholders and a thorough review of all admission data and materials 

  • One-and-a-half day onsite visit with the consultancy team to meet with key constituents: members of the admission office, CFO, Head of School, other senior administrators, board members, current parents (if desired) and key faculty/staff stakeholders in the admission process 

  • Feedback about the structure and efficiency of the admission operations, as well as ideas and recommendations about how to evolve vital elements of your enrollment management program e.g., processes, campus visit programs, retention efforts, communications strategy, outreach, marketing and more 

  • Summary Report (20-25 pages) delivered two weeks after site visit—an actionable document offering immediate, mid-term and long-term recommendations, suggestions and ideas customized for your school and office

  • Professional development roadmap for members of the admission office based on AISAP’s Learning and Development Framework and Professional Competencies

  • Follow-up conference call to discuss the report and next action steps

  • We’ll connect you to other professionals doing industry-leading work in areas where we see your office/school has challenges.

  • Upon request, a list of additional resources to use for potential deep dives on issues, such as demographic analysis, brand development and marketing

See what some of our clients have to say:

Beyond my expectations, as the consultancy team took the time, listened to me and my leadership team and dug in to help our school make meaningful strides from their recommendations.
Conducted a deep dive into our culture and admissions work to provide ideas for a pathway forward so that we could leverage more powerful current programs and new initiatives.
The value of Consultancy Service lies in their human approach. AISAP was sensitive to our highly relational culture and our unique processes, yet they were skilled in helping us improve our school's ability to solve future, as well as present problems within our stated mission and vision.
Consultancy Service Project Fees




Enrollment Less than 150 students*




Enrollment between 150 – 399 students*




Enrollment between 400 – 749 students*




Enrollment equal to or more than 750 students*




*For schools outside of North America, there is an additional $3,000 U.S added to the fees noted above.

Let’s talk

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