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Latest Discussion Posts

  • Lakeland Christian School is a K4-12 private, faith based school.  Our enrollment is1076.  I would like to know reenrollment statistics for the 2020 school year for other comparable sized faith- based schools.  Our typical reenrollment is 90-94%.  We ...

  • And in a flash - BOOM, December -  Join us at one of our Community of Colleagues | Affinity Group Meetings.  Join an Affinity Group session with like-minded professionals interested in learning and growing together. These communities ...

  • Greetings from North Carolina! As we prepare to head into Thanksgiving break, we are all feeling the fatigue and anxiety associated with living/teaching/learning/suffering/working through a full-on global pandemic. At the same time, we are also noticing ...

  • Thank you, Laura for your feedback that helps. ------------------------------ Johanna Ziegler Recruitment Officer Merrick Preparatory School Merrickville ON ------------------------------

  • Good insight, Bill.  I had not thought of that, but you might have an important point.  I sent the article around to my division heads, the HOS and the CFO for their thoughts. ------------------------------ Lawrence Jensen Director of Admissions Saint ...